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Ulm, 22.06.2011 - codex - Natural stone installation

codex product offering for the installation of natural stone

Contrary to the tiling market the natural stone area registered a slight growth over the past few years. This is a good reason to further invest in the development of products for the professional installation of natural stone.

Each natural stone is an original and as a natural product it is marked by unevennesses and differences in colour and shape. However, it is exactly this uniqueness that makes natural stone so attractive. “Too little attention was drawn in past advertising to the superb suitability of natural stone also for living areas”, says Mario Meuler, manager of the codex business unit. “Apart from its visual appeal as floor covering for interior applications it distinguishes itself by great thermal conductivity making it suitable as floor covering on underfloor heating – while remaining pleasantly cool in the summer”. Mario Meuler rates the market as still expanding.

The codex product offering for the installation of natural stone

The codex product offering for the installation of natural stone consists of medium bed mortar, thin bed mortar, coloured grout mortar and silicon. The medium bed mortar codex Stone SX 60 MB and the thin bed mortar codex Stone SX 80 Cristal are particularly suitable for the installation of sensitive natural stone. These products are marked by excellent crystalline setting which retains the water portion of the mortar through the quick formation of crystals thus not passing it to the stone. Each stone thereby retains its natural purity and no discolouration or deformation, especially in the edge zones, occur.

The product offering is rounded off by the grey thin bed mortar codex Stone SX 40 grey, allowing the installation of approx. 80 % of all natural stone floor coverings as well as codex Stone SX 20 Trass, a medium bed mortar with Trass addition for the installation of natural stones with thickness variations or strongly profiled back surfaces.

In the area of grouting codex establishes new standards with the quick setting coloured grout mortar Brillant Cristal. Brillant Cristal's convincing features also include crystalline setting, and in addition to natural stone it is also suitable for stoneware. It can be washed in cleanly, and the installer therefore benefits from the low consumption. Brillant Cristal is available in nine colours. codex has the right solution also for the silicon joint: the special silicon quadroSil. The single component, neutrally cross-linking silicon sealing compound is colour-matched to the Brillant Cristal grouting material and offers versatile applications.

In addition, the cementitious natural stone products of codex meet the enhanced requirements of GEV (Association of Emission-Controlled Installation Materials, Adhesives and Construction Materials, Inc.) and is considered to be low-emission.